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  • Football

    Football Play now
  • Super Stake

    Super Stake Play now
    You’ve met its brothers SupaTron and MultiStake. Now it’s time to get acquainted with SuperStake. Unique winning combinations can earn you dazzling prizes that can increase rapidly in the top game. With its range of betting possibilities of up to 16 credits, the stakes are high and the odds are great! Start playing in the big league. Try SuperStake.
  • Oldtimer

    Oldtimer Play now
    The Old Timer is the Godfather of the ‘Timer’ family. This prize winning patriarch is very easy to play and get comfortable with. Start with a low risk 1 credit bet and get to know the Old Timer. And when you’re ready, step up to the top game and start going for the real prize of 200 credits! Play the Old Timer and discover that not everything from the past is outdated!
  • Fresh Fruits

    Fresh Fruits Play now
    You can never have enough Fresh Fruit, enjoy some in this 5-reel slots with 40 win lines!
  • MultiTimer Jackpot

    MultiTimer Jackpot Play now
    If you are after the big prizes, try MultiTimer Jackpot. Bets of up to 16 credits, 16 win lines, 3 top games, and 8 win banks that can hold up to 1600 credits make this game a guaranteed winner! Stars earn you 20 points, while the Bonus Joker adds 200 credits to your balance. Take the shortcut to the upper game by using the 0-1 game and catch that grand prize!
  • Starburst

    Starburst Play now
    The stars are out tonight, and they are shining their bright light on your fortune! This heavenly game can make you dance under the stars. Collect the stars on the extra rolls in the lower game, and uncover a whole new magical world. When a star meter is filled up by stars of its color, you win the mystery prize! Bet up to 45 credits per game and make this a night to remember!
  • Ultra Fresh

    Ultra Fresh Play now
    Like your fruit fresh? Then you'll love it Ultra Fresh! Check out one of our new game additions, with this bright, fresh, fun, three reel slot.
  • Jetsetter

    Jetsetter Play now
    Have the life of the Jetset with these incredible high prizes !
  • Golden Oldie

    Golden Oldie Play now
    The name says it all: Golden Oldie is an old friend. Start playing with 3 rolls, or try your luck immediately on up to 8 rolls and start winning the big prizes! With 20 win lines on the 8-roll game, possibilities of winning combinations are endless. What’s your favorite winning combination? Find out now on our Golden Oldie!
  • TopTimer

    TopTimer Play now
    TopTimer is a game everyone must play at least once. The lower game lets you collect credits easily, while the top game throws prizes at you like there’s no tomorrow! Bet 1 credit at the bottom for a smooth start, and raise the stakes to 4 credits per turn on the upper game for the big prizes. This is your chance to become part of the TopTimer fan-family!
  • The Ninja

    The Ninja Play now
  • Shaman

    Shaman Play now
  • Turboplay Jackpot

    Turboplay Jackpot Play now
    With so many variations, the Turboplay Jackpot is a game that never gets boring. Soothe you Jackpot jitters with this all-time PowerJackpot favorite. You can bet up to 16 credits and earn mystery prizes on all Jokers. And if you catch four of the same symbols, you win the special Turboplay Jackpot! Get in the game now!
  • Wild Timer

    Wild Timer Play now
    No Timer-family would be complete without the Wild Timer. This truly is the wild one of the pack! Start out comfortably and tame this machine by adding winnings to your basic balance. When you feel ready, unleash the beast in the upper game. Choose the maximum bet of 20 credits per turn, and anything can happen. Just remember: the ‘Wild’ symbol is your ticket to the grand prizes!
  • Cash Casino

    Cash Casino Play now
    Cash Casino is your ticket to a fun-filled night of slot madness! Random Jokers keep flying around and filling up your win meters rapidly, while mystery prizes of up to 200 points help you keep the win meters high. The 4 win meters can hold up to 800 points each. Give Cash Casino a spin with bets of 1, 5, or even 20 credits, and start filling up those meters!
  • More Fresh Fruits

    More Fresh Fruits Play now
    Are you getting your five a day? What you need is More Fresh Fruits, and raise the stakes in our new five reel slot.
  • Wild Fruits

    Wild Fruits Play now
    Experience some wild west action and win big with 50 win lines in this western themed 5-reel slot, Wild Fruits!
  • Pinocchio

    Pinocchio Play now
    Help Pinocchio become a real boy in this beautiful 3D, 5-reel slot with various immersive modes to unlock.